Laura Dylus Physical Therapy Asheville NC

The relationship between you and your therapist needs to be a good match. My goal is to help you achieve your best kinetic self. Clients have often told me that they expected pain from therapy, but the experience turned out to be the opposite. Therapy should be challenging, it should be educational, and it should be safe, but it should not be painful.

I have been practicing physical therapy since 2001. I fell in love with Western North Carolina when I was completing my student internship at a local clinic here in the mountains. When an opportunity arose in 2003, I gladly moved to this beautiful place I now call home.

I am passionate about learning and continuing my education in multiple areas. I received my specialty certification in Neurologic Physical Therapy from the American Physical Therapy Association in 2008. I’ve been a peer reviewer for the APTA Neurological Section Clinical Pathway Guidelines task force. I hold certifications with Functional Movement Systems (FMS and FCS) and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (RockBlade). In addition I have extensive education in gait and running as it pertains to those who have experienced limb loss.

Constantly learning — from my clients, from my peers, from my family, my committment is to helping clients meet their goals, and hopefully challenging them to think about going on to the next platform. I’m a firm believer that the body will tell you what’s wrong if you ask the right questions and listen.

— Where To Find Me —

My private practice is inside 8th Element Asheville
38B Rosscragon Rd Asheville 28803
(located in South Asheville near Hendersonville Road and Long Shoals Road junction)
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Call 828.571.0440 to schedule