Orthopedic and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Dylus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Recovering from an injury or surgery can be challenging, and the best intervention is early intervention. We will begin by working on techniques to reduce swelling, so you can be in less pain and heal faster. Persistent swelling and inflammation is not normal and will impair your progress, which is why we address this as a priority.

As the muscle tissue heals on a cellular level, therapy will focus not only on exercise, but overall body mechanics. It is imperative that therapy works on correcting the root cause of the injury, not just the symptoms. Together, we will develop an optimum plan for your best healing outcome.

Neurologic Rehabilitation

Therapy is not just making muscles stronger. The body is designed to take in information and produce a response without conscious thought for that response. For example, when you pick up a glass full of water, you automatically slow down and produce more force, expecting the glass to be heavier. The way we breathe can influence multiple body systems to get ready for movement or even calm down for rest. When there has been an issue to the neurological system, therapy needs to involve multiple sets of input to help with neural reorganization. This can mean anything from practicing where the body is in space, to changing what the arms are doing while standing and walking. Neurologic Rehabilitation is one of my specialties and passions, and, based on your needs, I will work with you to achieve maximum results.

Dylus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services
Dylus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Lower Extremity Amputee Training

People who have experienced the loss of a limb will have an automatic change to their biomechanics. For example, if you have had an above knee amputation, the muscles that used to extend your knee, are now being used to flex your hip. In addition, the leg can change up to 7% in volume in one day. We have many techniques to address phantom limb pain and work on surgical scars. The goal in therapy is to help you achieve the highest level of independence for your situation.

Dylus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

The cost for all Skilled Physical Therapy is as follows:
Evaluation: $125-$145 per session
Treatment: $60-$150 per session
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What People Are Saying

Laura Dylus is the physical therapist that I wish I had found shortly after I separated one of my hamstrings ten years ago. Since that time I have had persistent injury issues which have affected my ability to run consistently and have been treated by a number of physical therapists. While many physical therapists will help you resolve the surface issue, Laura provides a deeper level of care, catering sessions and exercises to the needs of each individual client, sometimes tweaking exercises if they are not having the desired effect. As a result she has helped correct my posture and mechanics and we are now working on strengthening the muscles one should be using when running.

Since I started seeing Laura I have referred all my family members to her: my wife for neck pains; our daughter for a dislocated shoulder; and our sons and my mother for preventative care. Needless to say they were all impressed with Laura’s level of care and I have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone who needs physical therapy. —R.S.

Laura Dylus has been an enormous help in getting me walking again after an amputation of my lower right leg. She is highly skilled as a physical therapist and a great motivator in my recovery. Without her, I would still be stuck in a wheelchair. My visits to her clinic are the high points of my week. I have learned so much from her. —T.K.

Laura provides much more than a generic set of exercises. Her focus and attention to my particular situation has made a big difference in my recovery. Aside from individual exercises, she has taught me about using my whole body as it relates to recovery. Things like core strength, posture and strengthening specific muscle groups. I highly recommend her. —J.M.

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