Functional Movement Screens (FMS)

The FMS is comprised of seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. The screen is used to judge movement performance and durability. It helps identify dysfunction or pain – or both – with basic movement patterns. After the screen, I will discuss results with you as it pertains to your current workout routine and goals, and make recommendations for modification.

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Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services

Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS)

Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services

The FCS is an objective way to measure physical qualities that support athletic performance, such as movement control, postural control, explosive control, and impact control. The FMS is a prerequisite to the FCS. Results of the screen will be mapped for you and you will receive indicated recommendations.

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Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services

Exercise Correctives and Performance

I offer individual exercise coaching that addresses specific movement dysfunctions through a program designed to meet your wellness and/or performance goals. 

Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services
Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services
Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services

HiVamat Massage

Histologically Variable Manual Therapy is a one-on-one modality using the innovative Hivamat. Typically found in the training rooms of professional sports teams, the Hivamat delivers low frequencies of gentle, electrostatic impulses deep into the tissue, penetrating up to 12 cm (4¾ inches) into the skin to gently contract and release the tissue. This causes a kneading effect that helps to localize swelling and hasten the body’s natural healing process. It is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services

With the use of ergonomic stainless steel tools, manual techniques are used to influence the glide of tissue. Restrictions in fascia can result in pain, tissue movement asymmetry, and change in mechanics. IASTM can be used to restore fascial glide, increase muscular recruitment, or stimulate the lymphatic system. IASTM should not cause bruising or pain.

MPS Scar Release Therapy – MPS Courses

Whether scars are old or new, the MPS Dolphin can release the adhesions that are blocking circulation and causing stress to the body. The microcurrent stimulates cellular protein synthesis and cellular metabolism.

To learn more visit: MPS Scar Release Therapy – MPS Courses

Dylus Physical Therapy Wellness and Movement Services

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

The craniosacral system encompasses all the structures of the skull, the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord, and the membrane structures that support it. The craniosacral system has it’s own palpable pulse just like your cardiopulmonary system. CST is a light touch hands on technique to facilitate positive changes in the central nervous system and fascial system. 

Wellness Services are billed based on the length of time for each service.
30 minute session: $45
60 min session: $90
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What People Are Saying

I enjoy running and working out and compete in running events all over the east coast. I was searching for something to help me train harder as well as more often, and was hoping to find/learn techniques to recover faster from hard training sessions so that they could be repeated more often. A friend referred me to Laura Dylus. Laura conducted a functional movement screening on me. This allowed her to spot deficiencies in some underutilized muscles, and tailor exercises to strengthen them so my workout and running form got much better. This allowed me to repeat longer harder workouts more often, leading to my fastest 100 mile ultra-marathon yet. Laura is my favorite physical therapist! —D.C.

I’m 31 and never considered having an evaluation. Since I’ve never had a major injury I didn’t see purpose. I felt fine, or so I thought. After meeting with Laura, she helped me understand my body’s mechanics, and after working some problem areas, the next day I felt Amazing. Having addressed stability issues that were discovered, I realized that I could feel better and approach my gym routine in a safer manner, building strength without strain or possible injury. Her guidance has given me a broader understanding on what to focus on for better output and longevity. I highly recommend Laura. Her level of care and expertise is second to none, and only matched by her passion to help you live better. —J. M.

— Where To Find Me —

My private practice is inside 8th Element Asheville
38B Rosscragon Rd Asheville 28803
(located in South Asheville near Hendersonville Road and Long Shoals Road junction)
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Call 828.571.0440 to schedule